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Top Reasons to Pursue a Graduate Degree in Arts Administration

Top Reasons to Pursue a Graduate Degree in Arts Administration

Arts administration is a professional and academic field in the arts. Professionals in this field are responsible for arts programming within organizations that serve a variety of settings including nonprofit, public, and for-profit sectors. They use leadership skills to promote the benefits of arts programs and to advocate for societal change.

Art Administration Programs Teach Valuable Skills

Arts administration programs teach students a variety of skills including those needed to design, develop, and evaluate arts-centric programs. Students learn to lead and advocate for the needs of cultural programs and organizations. Courses in this field include study in the area of finance, fundraising, public policy, and marketing, along with the study of different art areas. Students learn to write grants, market programs, and manage organizational growth.

Students in masters in arts administration programs learn practical skills through internships and practicum projecwp-admin/ts. These internships and practicums offer students an opportunity to gain professional experience while earning academic credit and building relationships in the field.

Arts Administrators Work in a Variety of Leadership Roles

Students who complete a Masters in Arts Administration find leadership roles in organizations with responsibility for strategic planning and management of art programs. These professionals may develop and advocate for reforms through arts activism or establish independent roles as entrepreneurs. Arts administrators are often responsible for the business operations of both private and public art institutions, while also maintaining leadership over areas of creative design and visual communication.

Getting Started

For more information about getting started with a career in art administration visit the School of the Art Institute of Chicago today.

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