The Various Benefits of Learning About History From Survivors

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Education

There’s no denying the fact that reading books and watching videos are great ways to learn about historical events. They can help to set the scene and inform people of the main events that happened. However, there’s nothing like getting a first-hand recap of what happened from the voice of an actual survivor of the event.

It Makes the Event Real

Sometimes when you’re learning about history from pictures or written content, it can be hard to actually picture yourself being there. When you learn from an actual survivor of the event, you learn about their emotions during their experience. This emotional reality brings you in touch with the events that happened as if you were actually there.

You Can Learn More Than What Was Published

All too often, it can be very easy to widdle down what happened solely based on the events read in a book or seen on television. When you hear from an actual DACHAU SURVIVOR, you can learn more of the specifics of what actually happened. This is knowledge that isn’t always available in written content or videos.

You Can Ask Questions and Get Real-Time Feedback

Another major advantage of learning history from a DACHAU SURVIVOR is that they’re interactive. You can ask them questions that you have about the event and get answers in real-time. This can allow you to better learn about the subject as opposed to having to constantly research to get answers to all of your questions.

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