The Value of a Data Science Degree in New York

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Education

Many people in New York today are entering the field of data science and analytics, and for good reason. The future is bright and unlimited for the data professional with the right skills, training and experience. If you want to succeed in this business, a data science degree is extremely important, but it may not be all you need. In other words, you could be lacking some vital skills and a facility like RSquare Edge can be very helpful.

What is a Data Scientist?

According to IBM, there is no exact definition but the job is closely related to big data. A data scientist should have training in computer science, math, statistics, analytics and modeling. Also the data scientist must have good communications skills and able to communicate effectively with both the business and IT world. He or she explores data from many different angles to determine trends and not only solve business problems, but decide which problems are worth solving.

How Does One Get a Data Science Degree in New York?

Here are some of the courses you may need to earn a Master’s Degree in data science:

  Data visualization

*   Predictive modeling

*   Data cleaning


*   Coding

*   Data technologies

*   Advanced mathematics

You also may need these important skills:

*   Machine learning – understanding machine algorithms

*   Software engineering

*   Business management

*   Data munging – understanding and recognizing common data entry errors and imperfections to make sense from results

  Training in business strategies – linear algebra and multivariable calculus

Enhancing Your Data Science Degree in New York

Because there is no set curriculum or qualifications for a data scientist, it’s important to fit your training and experience to the job you want. But what’s the best way to do this? Seek out an educational facility with the ability to provide you with the specialty training you need, customized to your job preferences. This is what RSquare Edge in New York is all about.

Unlike universities (which offer a wide range of studies on many different subjects and professions) we concentrate on one thing, providing you with data analysis skills it takes to land the best job. How do we accomplish this?

We look over your qualifications and experience. We also take into consideration the career you want. With the help of expert faculty and seasoned data professionals, we provide you with a 12 week certification course, with all the right skills to complement your data science degree. There is no way to completely guarantee you’ll get the perfect job, but we are there with mentoring services and assistance with job placement, to give you the best odds.

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