How Everyone Can Benefit From Hiring a Public Speaking Coach

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Education

Effective communication is important in our personal and professional lives. In fact, a survey conducted by the National Association of College and Employers found that a job candidate’s ability to communicate effectively is one of the top qualities an employer looks for in their recruits.

The majority of us will freely admit that we are not the best public speakers, and the fact of the matter is that almost all of us can benefit from enlisting the help of a public speaking coach at some point in our lives. If you have been debating about improving your own public speaking skills, the reasons listed below may be just what you need to be convinced to hire your own coach.

Becoming a Better Listener

When we think of public speaking, we think about hearing ourselves and not so much about hearing others. But one surprising benefit to hiring a public speaking coach is that you will learn how to become a better listener.

A large part to being a successful public speaker is to be an active listener. Many industry professionals will tell you that becoming an active listener is step 1 to becoming a better public speaker. Actively listening will be a large part of your learning curriculum, and you will quickly see that being able to listen to others is what will allow you to formulate better and more intelligent responses. The better the responses you are able to give, the better a communicator you will be.

Increasing Your Employability

Communication is an important part of business. As mentioned in the introduction, employers today are looking for recruits who are able to communicate well. Being able to successfully relay ideas, refute an opposing view, and to change your communication style based on the people you are speaking to are all necessary when it comes to improving your organizational skills. As a result, communication makes you appear more desirable to a potential employer.

Dominating Your Fears

Most of us dislike speaking in public, because it is a fear that we have. We are afraid of being judged by others, of being ridiculed, or of being “not good enough.”

Your public speaking coach will not only teach you how to communicate effectively with a variety of different people in different scenarios. Your coach will work on helping you overcome the fears that have held you back from being able to speak in a meeting, in front of a classroom, or on stage with a large audience hanging on to your every word. Conquering one fear is the gateway to conquering many fears that might be holding you back in your life. For more information visit Public Speaking Classes.

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