How a Scavenger Hunt in Washington DC Can Motivate a Team

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Education

A scavenger hunt reminds many of the days in elementary school when it was raining outside and recess or PE had to be held inside. Now corporations are using the philosophy of scavenger hunts to build teams for project completion. Motivation is acquired by many means. Employers find it necessary to utilize all of them. A program called Ropes has been used, even in high schools to teach students what can be accomplished by teamwork.

Now there is a teambuilding scavenger hunt in Washington DC for any enterprise needing to accentuate their teambuilding endeavors. The technique and philosophies of the teambuilding scavenger hunt are to teach each individual that they need each other to accomplish their goal.

Getting the Point

The scavenger hunt in Washington DC has to get the idea of what the finished product will look like. In the process of completing a project or playing a game, the first step is getting the point in one look from the beginning to the end. The instructions for the scavenger hunt in Washington DC may be written or they may be verbal. More than likely, they will be a combination of the two. This enables teambuilding on the level of interpreting instructions together and coming to the same conclusion.

Team Members Need Each Other

Everyone has seen or known “the loner.” This individual did not want anyone’s help and refused sharing where he or she was going. The teambuilding scavenger hunt in Washington DC will teach each of the members that they need each other to get the job done. One may have a car to provide the transportation. Another member may provide the camera to take the required pictures. The third team member may be a good navigator to help get from point A to point B.

Staying on Track

The verbal instructions given at the beginning of the teambuilding scavenger hunt are meant to motivate and generalize what it is all about. The written instructions will give step by step instruction of what has to be accomplished before making the final goal. Some of the instructions will include taking a picture of the tallest building downtown or having the CEO of a specific company sign a document. Each member has to utilize their special talents to accomplish the end goal.

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