Shift From Transactional Interactions to Long-Term Relationships

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Education

There is something nostalgic about the old stories that refer to a business relationship that morphed into a real life friendship. For years this story line has played itself out in sitcoms as well as movies. With so many people simply looking out for themselves, it is a breath of fresh air when a business is actually interested in the real life situations of others. So how do we go from a transactional relationship to a long-term relationship? The process is not quick but it is definitely easy and profitable for both you and your prospective clients. This process will work not only in a few businesses but in all businesses as well. Lets take a few moments and examine a three-step process that will help you and your business cultivate a long term relationship with your clients. This relationship will be beneficial and profitable for all involved.

First, what is the product that you are attempting to sale? This will have an immediate impact on this process. For example, if you are selling napkins then you are not going to be as successful as someone who is selling a car. However, that does not mean it cannot work. Once you have identified the product or service that you are hoping to sell you can then move forward towards steps two and three.

The second step is perhaps the most important. In this step you will be attempting to not only make a sell but to endear yourself to the customer. This is not an attempt to pander or to be a show off. What you are hoping to do is to make a connection that tells your client that you not only care about your product but that you care about their satisfaction. This is the key to making a lasting bond. Customer relations are key to most sells and will only heighten your appeal. Once the transaction is complete it is important for you to extend a courtesy such as a follow-up phone call or a post card. By doing this you are letting the client know that they are more than dollars but they are important to you.

Finally, once the sale has been completed and once you have extended a phone call or card to the customer do not stop there. For many businesses and products it is important to offer service as well as maintenance. This means that at periodic intervals you should reach out to your customers through mail and via phone to determine if your company can service their product. This shows initiative and care for the customer. By following these 3 simple steps you will be on your way towards a long-term and profitable business relationship.

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