Finding The Right Private School in Potomac For Your Child

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Education

Finding the Private School in Potomac for your child is not a matter to be taken lightly. The schooling your child receives in their early and formative years sets the stage for their secondary and collegiate learning in later years. The excitement and investigation aspects of school work that they undertake in their elementary education years can literally “make or break” the spirit of even the most gifted child.

The Feynman School is a

Private School in Potomac that gets their students to think on their own through academics and activities rather than the standard educational devices. Students get involved and work towards their individual goals rather than learning by rote without enjoyment or involvement.

This is a Private School in Potomac that sets their own high standards of learning based on the potential and ability of the student to steer their own ship in their sea of knowledge. Each year, the curriculum given your student grows with their understanding and maturity. Classroom offerings in math, a variety of foreign languages, English and science is only the beginning Also to be added in during January 2014 will be classes in Mandarin Chinese. Your child will be able to dabble in art, music and drama to explore their creative side. Physical education is offered as well, so that students can make their bodies as healthy as their minds are nimble.

Right now the school teaches grades preschool through third grade; with fourth grade to be added during the 2014-2015 term. After school activities vary from sports like basketball to chess, piano lessons and robotics. Of particular interest to parents is the ratio between student and teacher in the classroom. Class ratios are also small compared to public school and many other private schools with classes generally from 12 to 14 students. Teacher student ratios range from seven in to one in preschool, up to slightly higher levels for later grades.

Each child is gifted in their own way, and every program is not right for every child. Their experienced and skilled professional staff can assess your child and work with you to determine what style of teaching and discovery is best to uncover their strengths. Visit their website to learn more about the grades they teach and the approaches to education that they offer.

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