Everything You Should Know About Pursuing a Master of Design Degree

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Education

If you are thinking of pursuing a degree in design, there is no doubt that Chicago is definitely a perfect place to fulfill your degree. With its love of architecture, fashion, and art, Chicago makes a great haven for any design student. In fact, many design students in Chicago decide to pursue additional training in order to earn their Master of Design degree.

What Are Master of Design Programs Like?

A Master of Design programs is known by a variety of names. An MDes is the equivalent to a Master of Fine Arts and is the degree that most think of when they think of a master’s degree in design. Other programs offer a Master of Arts or Master of Science in design. Whether you pursue an MDes, MA or MS, the graduate degree in design typically requires two years of study beyond a Bachelor of Design degree. A research project is also typically required.

Do You Need an MDes to Enter the Work Field?

Whether you need a master’s degree depends entirely upon what your career aspirations include. Most entry-level professional design jobs will not require you to have a master’s degree. However, senior positions and management positions may require you to have a graduate degree. If you are looking to work in a faculty position, an MDes or equivalent is often required.

What Should You Look for in an MDes Program?

A graduate degree allows you to work closely with the faculty of the school you are attending. To take the best advantage of this, you should definitely look closely at the faculty of any school you are thinking about attending and decide whether their design interests line up with yours.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago allows you to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to design. More information about graduate course offerings can be found at their website.

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