Best time to Appear for CBAP Certification Examination

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Education

Some of you may be wondering if I have started believing in some occult practice.

Can there really be a good day or time to take a certification test?

Am I being superstitious?

Is Sunday better than Monday?

Or Monday better than Friday?

Is afternoon half better than morning half?

There is indeed a good day and a good time to take any certification test.

This is not based on any intuition but based on keen observation of one’s metal situation and environmental situation. I have completed 12 professional certifications (CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, PMP, CPRE, SQA, SMC, SPOC, CSM, Green Belt, Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) and these simple tips have helped me.

For me, the best day to take any certification examination is a day after a long weekend. The reason is you get refreshed during the long weekend. You can focus on your last minute preparations.

I would advise not to take the exam on a Saturday as one would have been through the hectic schedule for the week.

Now between the morning half an afternoon half, I would choose the afternoon half. This is because often the exam center can be at a distance from your home. You need to commute time. Afternoon half allows you to take care of any exigencies that can happen early in the day.

I would love to hear from your experiences in going through any certification test.

So stay tuned for more exam tips in future.

I am a professional BA, trainer, coach, and author.

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