Advice for Developing a Holocaust Teaching Plan

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Education

Do you run an educational service or classroom and need help teaching the complex subject of the Holocaust to school-age children or young adults? This lesson is no simple task, but there are ways to approach it more effectively with someone who’s experienced the tragedy firsthand. We also recommend following these strategies to ensure success in your Holocaust teaching plan. Advice for Teaching About the Holocaust
  • Use stories that are more than just statistics. Whenever you teach only the basic facts with death tolls, dates, and other figures, it fails to illustrate the true significance of the Holocaust. Instead, dedicate some time to the individual biographies of those who were in the Nazi concentration camps.
  • Students will respond emotionally. There is no way to convey the heartbreaking accounts of the Holocaust without invoking a visceral response. As a teacher, you should prepare for this and allow pupils time to process the sadness, anger, and horror they may feel, particularly if they’ve never encountered the topic.
  • Always provide plenty of context. Help students comprehend the many layers of complex European history that led to this sad event. Within reason, attempt to explain the development of Nazi ideology, its antisemitic philosophy, and how it would encompass Germany and other nations.
Where to Find Additional Resources? Finally, if you’d like to locate the best primary sources for holocaust education, you must find the best source for your Holocaust curriculum. Organizations created for Holocaust remembrance often have volumes of videos, books, puzzles, and even A.I. media to help younger generations comprehend. These components make an essential online Holocaust teaching plan for educators seeking extra support on this sensitive subject. For more information on the best Holocaust teaching plan, visit the Zachor Holocaust Curriculum website and explore Ben Lesser’s library of Holocaust information.

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