A Gifted School In Washington DC Will Let Your Child Thrive

by | Jul 6, 2013 | Education

Truly gifted children often wilt and become resentful when they are put into the same class as more typical children of their own age. Their curiosity and mental abilities are often at such a level compared to regular kids that they are bored and restless when held to the pace of an ordinary classroom. If you truly want to give your child a chance to thrive and learn to love school and learning, you should look at the option of signing him or her up for a Gifted School Washington DC.

Going to classes that are simply too easy establishes a number of bad habits and attitudes in children. A particularly bright child who learns all of the material easily will often realize that there is no need to put in any real work to succeed. This often works out fine until high school, when the curriculum becomes more differentiated by ability and the material can become more difficult. A child who seemed to do wonderfully for years can suddenly begin to struggle terribly because he or she never had to learn real study skills and discipline.

When this same child is allowed to go to a Gifted School Washington DC, the outcome is very different. Such a school is designed to challenge and support every student. Just as importantly, they are surrounded by other kids like them who will serve as both competition and proof that they are not alone. Kids who would stand out so much in a typical classroom that they might have difficulty making friends or engaging in social interactions will often blossom in this environment as they realize that they are not strange or abnormal and that they have wonderful things to offer to their peers.

Where you send your child to school has a tremendous impact on the way that he or she is going to view learning and knowledge for a lifetime. A Gifted School Washington DC like the Feynman School can take a student who might otherwise flounder in programs designed for the average child and offer an opportunity to flourish and truly explore the range of his or her gifts.



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