Want to learn a foreign language? Enrol in language schools

by | Jul 20, 2010 | Education

Have you always loved the idea of learning a foreign language? You are probably unsure about how to go about the entire procedure. You can now learn your favourite foreign languages by enrolling yourself in language schools. You are probably hearing the term for the first time. Here is a detailed description of the different features of language schools:

Language Schools

Language Schools

What are language schools?

Language school is basically a school in which you can learn and study a foreign language. Such language schools aim to help students in communicative competence. However, more than that they will help you in getting familiar with different foreign languages. Moreover, language schools will boost your confidence while conversing in other languages. Learning a language in these schools supplements formal education and improves your existing knowledge about a particular foreign language. You need not worry about the age and work experience factor as such schools are known to enrol students from different age groups and educational backgrounds as well.

Structure of Language Schools

You will have to pass a basic ‘placement test’ for gaining admission to a foreign school. Courses are usually organized in different batches or groups. Some schools are also known to offer special one-to-one lessons. Moreover, students have the flexibility of selecting the batch and batch timings.

Language schools take place round the year. Study material is usually provided by the foreign schools. Some of the study materials provided by the foreign schools are as follows:

  • Books

  • Tape recorders

  • Library

  • Videos

  • Language laboratories

It would be advisable that you select a foreign school that has all these facilities.

Language Teachers

Usually, language schools should have teachers who are fluent in the foreign languages. You should check the qualifications of foreign language teachers before arriving at a decision.


Most of these schools offer accommodation facilities to their students as well. Campus residences, hostels are some of the housing options offered by the language schools.

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