How To Find The Right Company And Teach English Abroad

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If you are considering the idea of becoming involved – to teach English abroad programs to children, youth or adults, it is important to look at not only what the programs entail, but also who is acting as the agent. Finding the right position in a place such as South Korea can be daunting. It can be overwhelming as various agencies online offer you what seems like a dream job. You need to establish some basic guidelines. You need to do your research. You also have to be able to distinguish the good from the downright misleading.

How to Find “Teach English Abroad” Programs

Essentially, there are two ways to go about the locating of schools that have “Teach English Aboard” programs. They are:

1. Talk directly to the overseas schools
2. Talk to third party recruitment agencies or companies

The first approach can be labor intensive. It can also be complex requiring a variety of hoops to leap through and diverse sources to access and handle. The latter is a more sensible approach. The third party has done or will do all the leg work for you.

No matter what approach you decide to take, it is important that you can distinguish a good company from a bad one. This will require what students usually have developed a skill for – research

Basic Steps to Finding the Right Recruiter

The methodology involved in locating a good, reputable recruiter is basic. It is important that you go online and compile a list of agencies offering teach English abroad programs. You then research them to find out such things as:

 * Reputation – online forums will help with this
 * Length of existence – this indicates stability
 * Associations – are they connected with well-known and reputable agencies in the business and locally
 * Credibility – online reviews may help as will getting in contact with previous clients
 * Verification – see if what they offer as salaries are the same as is stated for the schools on their websites
 * Fees – no agency or recruiter should ever ask you for a fee. They are being paid by the schools to locate qualified teachers
 * Contracts – while teachers may sign a contract with the agency or recruiter to show good faith, make sure the agency has in place a policy of having sign a legally binding contract with the school before they leave. This means the school is required to honor the contract and, therefore, the job placement

You also need to look at the reputation of the school or schools the agency has a relationship with. You need to see whether they have a solid reputation and do honor all contracts with the agency.

Teach English Abroad Programs

The world of business is replete with charlatans and scam artists. It is important you avoid those that are unethical and unsavory. If you do your research, you should be able to circumvent them. As a result, you can then negotiate with someone who cares that you, the school and the “Teach English Abroad Programs”, match.

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