Five Important Qualities of Captivating Motivational Speakers

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If you are looking for motivational speakers for your next conference or event there are five important qualities that captivating motivational speakers all share:

1. Optimism: It would seem a waste of time to hire a motivational speaker who does not have an endless supply of optimism. Unless you want to demotivate your team optimism should be shining from every orifice of your motivational speaker because it is the optimism that will help pull people out of their darkness and bring them into the light where they can feel hopeful and inspired again.

2. Engaging: Captivating motivational speakers must have a firm connection with people in order to keep them engaged so they are open to hearing their message. They must be able to enthral people speaking rhythmically or purposefully, with humor or emotion. They can even get angry or be very animated walking and gesturing to keep people’s attention. But more importantly their words must connect with their audience and draw them in so they want to hear more and learn more from this captivating individual.

3. Humor: Humor might not be right for all situations, but for most humor offers not only a sense of release but more often than not hits the nail on the head with insightful commentary that allows people to laugh at themselves, their team or their situation.

4. Honesty: A speaker who can share stories that will let people see they are just like them or that they have had a tragedy they have overcome or helped people in similar situations as the audience will help people trust the speaker and also provide intrigue. When speakers open them selves up for scrutiny in front of strangers they become vulnerable and can invoke empathy and very often respect.

5. Likeable: Captivating motivational speakers have to be likeable. They have to have a personality that is magnetic and warm so that people think they would like to share time with them and go for a beer or a cup of coffee after the “show”. They have to make each person in the audience feel like they are talking directly to them on a personal one to one level with a sense of intimacy even though they are in a large group.

These five qualities will help you find a captivating motivational speaker who will connect and inspire your audience with a lasting, positive impression.

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