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by | Jul 29, 2015 | Education

Are you a teacher who would love to travel abroad? A great salary, new culture and a new journey will await you if you are interested in the opportunity. When you want to teach abroad in South Korea, you will get to experience another culture while getting paid for doing what you love. When you are searching for a teaching position in another country, some companies can help you find that perfect teaching job in South Korea.

What Do You Need to Apply and What Benefits Will You Get?

When you want to teach English in Korea, you need to be a certified teacher. If you just got your teaching certificate, it is a good idea also to take TEFL courses to help prepare you for your teaching career. Taking this step will help with preparing you for teaching jobs in South Korea. A lot of teachers who are hired to teach in Korea will have their airfare paid and will not have to pay the rent. Typically this is paid for by the school that hired you. You would only be required to pay for food, utilities, transportation and medical care if needed. The cost of living in Korea is very low, and the income tax rates are also low. You should be able to save money from your salary while living in Korea. This can allow you to either travel to other countries surrounding Korea or save your money until you decide what you want to do.

What Are The Teaching Conditions?

Teaching jobs in South Korea are normally co-taught. There is typically a co-teacher that will work with the Guest English Teacher. A Korean co-teacher will speak fluent English and will help the guest English Teacher with assignments, class work, and school events. The teacher will also consult with the guest English teacher and can help with any problems that the guest English teacher may have. Class work is taught by the guest English teacher in collaboration with the Korean co-teacher. The number of students each class can range from 10 to 35 or more. You would also have to factor in if it is a public or private school, what location the school is in, such as local town or urban. That will help determine what the class size may be. The hours an English teacher will typically work on what grade level you are teaching. Students in high school, classes are about 50 minutes. Middle school classes are normally about 45 minutes and elementary students classes are normally 40 minutes. You may even have special classes after your class work to teach certain subjects.

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